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Did you know that the key to the perfect product marketing plan is not just

writing the perfect content?

These days it’s all about Images & Videos

We'll make you smile more

Yes this is ABOUT US page... but at AttractC we're about you.

Even our name puts your interest first...

What is AttractC ?

AttractC is all about Attracting - Consumers, Customers, Commerce
for your Business

Production House based in Mumbai, India.
We are a team of young, passionate and visionary people.
With a goal and a mission to grab attention and attract the market for your business products, 
through our expertise in 
Photography, Videography and
Content Marketing.

Greetings from Aditya Yadav, Founder of AttractC

PGDM In Marketing and Masters in Photography & Videography

Capturing To Attract

Hello and welcome to AttractC! I'm Aditya Yadav, the founder and creative force behind our photography and videography journey. At the heart of everything we do is a deep passion for storytelling through visuals.

The Vision

As a photographer and videographer, my vision for AttractC is simple yet profound: to capture images that grabs attention and attract the market for your business products. Each photograph and video is a chapter in the stories we tell, reflecting the beauty, emotion, and authenticity of you product.

Expertise & Innovation

With a background in marketing , I strive to blend my photography and videography skills with my technical expertise like

Brand Management ensuring that our images align with the overall brand identity, creating a consistent and recognizable visual language.

Understanding consumer behavior which makes images appeal to target audiences, making your visuals more effective in marketing campaigns.

Communication and Storytelling to convey a compelling narrative through visuals, making your products more engaging and memorable for consumers.

Digital Marketing Expertise as it provides insights into online marketing channels, social media, and e-commerce platforms where product images are crucial.

AttractC is not just a business; it's a creative venture where each frame is carefully crafted to exceed expectations and create lasting impressions.

Client-Centric Approach

I believe in a client-centric approach, understanding that every project is unique. I am committed to translating your vision into a visual masterpiece.

Join the Visual Journey

Thank you for considering AttractC to be a part of your visual journey. Explore our portfolio, dive into our storytelling, and let's embark on a visual odyssey together. Your products are our canvas, and I look forward to capturing the magic that unfolds.


When consumers see your products online, it needs to be attractive enough to get their attention. First impressions matter a lot, especially when your product needs to stand out in a sea of similar products. Eye Catching product helps differentiate your product from others on the market or on the pages of an eCommerce website. This it your first chance to win consumers over and get them to know your brand, so take as much advantage of it as you can.

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